Fear Free Vet Visits

Looking for a thorough, down to earth and friendly local vet?

Dr Nela is a Fear-Free Professional offering calm, fear-free medical care including:
  • Low-Stress Handling Medical problem consultations for cats and dogs – standard consultation time is 40min to ensure Dr Nela has time to thoroughly assess and help your pet
  • Preventative Care Puppy and Kitten Vaccination consultations addressing both behavioural and physical health through education
  • Anti-anxiety options to reduce stress for those very anxious pets who have a fear of handling
  • Chronic Pain clinic – Dr Nela strongly believes that Chronic pain is a disease which is underdiagnosed as pets can not verbalise their pain. She offers comprehensive consultations to discuss pain management options. Watch this video (have tissues handy) to consider your pet’s perspective:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5_FeWt4T_I
  • Adolescent Puppy Health Checks – for puppies between 6 and 15 months of age to ensure both physical health and behavioural health is monitored throughout this vulnerable stage of emotional development. 
  • Weight Clinics – providing a thorough, practical, scientifically based approach to weight management in both cats and dogs
  • Advanced Fibre-optic ear cleaning procedures – allowing Dr Nela to diagnose and treat acute and chronic ear infections thoroughly
  • Geriatric Pet health consultations – diagnosing and treating a range of geriatric diseases including Cognitive Dysfunction (Alzheimer’s) in pets
  • We will also be offering basic preventative procedures including Dental Treatments and Desexings, especially for patients that struggle emotionally and/or behaviourally with visiting their regular vet.  
Please note that we are an Appointment Only clinic and do not offer Emergency treatments such as Ticks, Snakes, Road Accidents or similar. If your pet needs Emergency care please contact either your alternative local vet clinic, VSS Specialist Centre (link name to: https://www.vss.net.au/) or the AES Emergency Centre (link name to: https://www.animalemergencyservice.com.au/). 

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Clinic is located:

2 Ford Rd (corner of Ford Rd and Beattie Rd, entrance is opposite Global Footware) Coomera 4209

Details :

Phone: 1800 DR NELA (1800 376 352)
Email: info@calmcompanions.com.au