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Fear Free Vet and Behaviour for your Companions

Aiding pet companions for behavioral concerns

Helping you understand your pets

Aiding pet companions for behavioral concerns

We all know It's cool to be calm

Aiding pet companions for behavioral concerns

Thinking of getting a new puppy? Start off on the right Paw

Aiding pet companions for behavioral concerns

We consult at your dog's pace, leave stress at the door

Aiding pet companions for behavioral concerns

Strengthening the bond with your pets through comprehensive care

Vet Behaviour

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How We are Different

Welcome to Calm Companions: where your pet’s mental and physical health comes first.

We provide a diverse variety of health solutions for your loved one – from puppy training classes to fear free vet consultations. Our specialist team are professionally trained in behavioural services and emotional development as well as pet anxiety and separation distress. If your pet is usually anxious or fearful of visiting the vet, they’ll love the low stress and fear free atmosphere of Calm Companions.

Does your pet stress about going to visit the GP Vet?

We specialise in providing tailored care and fear free vet visits that keep your pet calm. Predominately we will always endeavour to keep you and your pet close. We always ensure your pet is safe via having your reassuring presence. We encourage for you to remain with your pet throughout examinations and minor procedures as well as the option to confront your pet during sedation .

“It’s Cool to be Calm”.

– Dr Nela

Our Customers Love Us

“Today we visited Dee and Dr Nela at Calm Companions. They were fantastic with George and gave us a wealth of information in a short time frame. At no point did we feel rushed, scrutinised or confused! I left feeling reassured, educated and hopeful. They are very reasonably priced and extremely good at explaining concepts. I was more nervous than my dog for the upcoming vet visit but I felt very relaxed when I got there. ???? Thanks for all the help.”

Jessica Anne
“Dr Nela is without a doubt the most caring, compassionate vet I have ever visited. without her we would not have been given the tools to provide a safe and happy life for my dogs ❤”

Melissa Barry
“Dr Nela provided a calm environment for our kitty, she was extremely knowledgeable and is a wonderful Vet! Highly recommended by Tilly and I! ????”

Nicola Armstrong