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How We Are Different

Vet and Behavioural Services done differently.

Welcome to Calm Companions: where your pet’s mental and physical health comes first.

We provide a diverse variety of health solutions for your loved one – from puppy training classes to fear free vet consultations. Our specialist team are professionally trained in behavioural services and emotional development as well as pet anxiety and separation distress. If your pet is usually anxious or fearful of visiting the vet, they’ll love the low stress and fear free atmosphere of Calm Companions.

Does your pet stress about going to visit the GP Vet?

We specialise in providing tailored care and fear free vet visits that keep your pet calm. Predominantly we will always endeavour to keep you and your pet close. We always ensure your pet is safe via having your reassuring presence. We encourage you to remain with your pet throughout examinations and minor procedures as well as the option to confront your pet during sedation.

“It’s Cool to be Calm”.

– Dr Nela

Calm Companions first began as a small practice, but we’ve rapidly grown over only a short time. From humble beginnings we’re now referred to by over 120 vet clinics and 50 dog trainers across Queensland and New South Wales (we also have clients in the Northern Territory and Victoria). We believe this is due to the great reputation of Dr Nela.

Dr Nela is highly qualified in behaviour medicine and behaviour modification training. She’s a Fear Free Certified Vet and has worked in the area of behaviour postgraduate for a decade. Dr Nela is passionate about helping pets live a calmer life, as well as teaching staff, clinics, councils and rescue groups in handling and working with fearful or frustrated pets.

Dr Nela believes in developing pets the right way from the first moment they enter a new home. She’ll ensure the pet has no genetic behaviour issues through meeting the animal and the breeder/ rescue group/ previous owner beforehand. She also ensures correct behaviour is taught in a fear free way through her puppy classes.

Pets love attending Calm Companions as we allow them freedom, keep them together with their loved ones, allow owners to sit in for surgeries, and always do what’s right for the pet and owner. Most importantly there’s little to no stress for anyone involved. We’ll never force a pet through a situation they’re uncomfortable with.

Calm Companions is passionate about caring for your companion. Contact us to learn more.

Our Team


Dr. Nela Graham


Clinical Pet Behaviourists

Shannon Hope

Behavioural Trainer ( remote), Vet nurse Cert IV VN (Fear Free), Cert IV Com. Ani. Serv, MDI (CPDT)

Support Staff