Training & Classes

Prep for Life

Classes for 7-12 week old pups

9 week course for new puppies 

Life skills

Classes for 12-20 week old pups

9 week course for older puppies

Play smart

Puppy Social group

Private puppy training

If your puppy is over 12 weeks and you just missed out on our  8-week puppy program, don’t worry, We have a fantastic 5 week individualised program.

Single session private puppy training

Single Private sessions offer comprehensive, private in home-based consultations to assist with any behaviour challengers you are having with your puppy.

In home puppy set up

Whether you have planned for puppy parenthood, or it was love at first sight; being well prepared for your new arrival is the best gift you can give them!

Scent- Sational Classes

Exercising your dog’s nose is one of the most mentally beneficial exercises you can provide for your dog.

Fun-Gility Classes 

Agility is an excellent way for you to practice basic skills your dog has learned in puppy or adult classes and apply them to fun obstacles and challenges.

Grooming Prep

Set your dog up for a calm and comfortable groom

5 week private adult dog program

Our Private Training Program is provided at your home and tailored to your dog’s individual personality, as well as to your needs, your family and your lifestyle

Separation Distress training – Private Day care

If you notice separation anxiety signs and your puppy has to be left at home alone due to your work commitments, we can help by providing private day-care to actively train your puppy to learn to cope being alone.

Calm Day Care

At Calm Companions, we believe that learning to rest in the presence of other dogs is just as important as learning appropriate, supervised play with other dogs. We take a maximum of 4 dogs per day and provide individual pen areas with ample enrichment. 

Industry Training

 Do you work at or own a veterinary practice, a boarding kennel, a training facility or offer puppy classes and want to improve to ensure you are providing the most up to date, scientifically based, positive reinforcement methods in the handling of pets?

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Phone: 1800 DR NELA (1800 376 352)