How our Calm Puppy Programs can help you and your puppy!

As a veterinarian and owner of Calm Companions, my goal is to help you understand your new puppy and help them develop into a calm, adaptable and playful adult dog. Positive reinforcement training methods based on scientific evidenced based research are used throughout the program.

How do we differ from other Puppy Classes?

Our program is the only one on the Gold Coast run by an experienced and qualified Veterinarian with extended qualifications in Animal Behaviour (“doggy psychiatry”). With this educational and professional background, you can be sure the advice you’ll be given can be trusted to be based on scientific evidence and be tailored to your specific puppy!
Dr Nela is also in the process of completing her Certificate 4 in Dog Training (“doggy psychology”) through the highly regarded Delta Society. So you’re getting a Vet, a Vet Behaviourist AND a dog trainer all in one!!

Our program runs for an extended 6 weeks (most puppy programs are 4-5 weeks) to give you and your puppy plenty of time to consolidate your learning progress. It is available for puppies who are between 7 and 12 weeks of age when the program starts.
For puppies over 12 weeks of age, please see our unique in-house Private Puppy Program offer!

The very small class numbers (between 3 and 4 puppies) creates the best learning environment for you and your puppy. Classes are carefully managed to provide your puppy with positive experiences interacting with other dogs while learning how to be calm in their presence.

As a trained professional, Dr Nela Graham will ensure your puppy’s background, personality and breed are taken into consideration when selecting play companions for short supervised play sessions, to allow your puppy to build the right type of confidence around new dogs.
The most sensitive period of your puppies learning is in the first 3 months of their life. Nela will ensure your puppy does not experience any negative scenarios which can be remembered by your puppy for life!
At Calm Companions Puppy Program, we use only the latest evidence based, safe and positive training methods.
Positive Reinforcement training is the only training method that will ensure your puppy is learning effectively!
We use treats, toys and praise to help your puppy learn how to be good!

Any puppy class clients will receive discounted Private Sessions at any time for the rest of their puppies lives! This is our way of committing to helping you maintain your close bond with your puppy now and into the future.

All of the above will set you and your puppy up to succeed in learning how to communicate with each other effectively. Your puppy’s short socialisation period during their first four months is the ideal time to lay down the foundation for future training. We are dedicated to supporting you throughout your puppy’s sensitive period and beyond.

Our unique 6-week puppy program will cover the following aspects in a safe environment:

We will cover these areas

  • Positive reinforcement training for a lasting companionship
  • The benefit of Adaptil Collars and Sprays as an adjunct to helping your puppy calmly adjust to their new home
  • Discussion about other training methods (punishment based) and why to avoid them
  • The basic needs of a dog and how to meet those to keep your puppy happy
  • Canine communication and body language, teaching you how to “listen to your puppy’s needs”
  • Being creative with your dog’s daily enrichment program for a happy and healthy dog
  • Learning about the benefits of crate and/or pen training
  • Individual assistance with Toilet training and Home alone training
  • Handling your puppy safely and teaching them to accept vet and grooming procedures calmly
  • Preventing any undesirable behaviours early such as jumping up, barking, digging, biting and mouthing
  • Teaching your puppy to trust you and turn to you for guidance when concerned
  • When they are fully vaccinated, we will guide you on how to safely enjoy your puppy at the beach, park and coffee shops!
  • We will be here to help you troubleshoot through any vet or behaviour related problems along the way. 
  • As we stock a range of walking equipment for purchase, you are welcome to try them out and have them properly fitted by a professional. 
  • We also stock a range of Australia Made high quality dog chews and treats which you can purchase during the class.

We will teach your puppy

  • To know their name
  • Settle
  • “Finish” cue to reduce frustration
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Go to the mat
  • Leave it
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Walk on a loose lead (not pulling)​

Clinic is located:

2 Ford Rd (corner of Ford Rd and Beattie Rd, entrance is opposite Global Footware) Coomera 4209

Details :

Phone: 1800 DR NELA (1800 376 352)