About Calm Companions

If you are upset about your pet’s behaviour challenges and unsure what to do,  our Behaviourally Qualified team can help. We can give you clear information and practical resources which you can use right away to help your pet.

The techniques we teach and recommend are completely based on positive reinforcement. This means we focus on your pet’s emotional welfare as our priority so your pet feels secure and safe with you as their K9 guardian,  while at the same time helping you and your pet learn appropriate and safer coping strategies with situations which worry your pet.

We strongly believe that every pet and every owner is unique, as is the lifestyle they lead together. Therefore, our advice is individually tailored to suit your needs and your pet’s personality. Together we will build a “big picture” view of your pet’s situation, and help you identify and understand the specific concerns you have about your pet’s behaviour. We will assess your pet’s body language and teach you how to recognise and understand the key body signals your pet is showing using to communicate with you.

With this understanding we can develop for you a completely personalised program.

Together we can build a better future for you and your pet.

Is your furry friend struggling with the world they live in? Do you ask yourself “Why is Fluffy chewing and digging up everything and barking when he’s left alone? Why does he hate going in the car or to vet clinic? Why does he pull on the lead and snarl at other dogs”? Do you wonder “Why is my cat Bella peeing all over the house? Why does she just want to scratch me when I want to pat her?”.

Behaviour concerns can cause frustration and stress for both you and your neighbours. You may be thinking: “How do I stop Missy from barking; how do I stop her pulling on the lead and lunging at other dogs when we go for a walk” or “How do I stop Bobbi from pulling my clothes off the line?”

Often it is hard to know where to start. There is so much information on Google. Family and friends are keen to offer advice. The most useful, scientifically based and up-to-date information you really need, can get swamped by things that may not be so helpful, or even possibly damaging, to your pet. You probably instinctively know what is best for your pet; you just need a little guidance to put it into practice.

Why we LOVE what we do

As a community we understand that emotional stress in humans can result in behaviour problems and that dealing with emotions can help people behave better. We also understand that the experiences children have as they grow and develop impacts on their emotions and behaviour as adults. These same early experiences in a young animal impact on their behaviour as they grow.

When an animal’s early experience is not managed well this can lead to unwanted behaviours later on such as aggression. Dr Nela and her team believes that bad behaviour in pets results from emotional stress and from their needs and signals being misunderstood.

Tragically the average lifespan of a dog in Australia is only three years, largely due to the high number being euthanised due to behaviour problems. 

Dr Nela has developed Calm Companions to help clients understand their pet’s needs and emotions and how these impact on behaviour. She can help people tune in to what their pets are telling them by reading the signs in their behaviour. Dr Nela is committed to helping her clients provide the right early experiences to set their pet up to become a positive member of the family. Her experience and training has taught her to recognise early warning signs of behaviour problems and how to use evidence based techniques to prevent these from becoming worse. She can help people understand, decode and treat the undesirable behaviours a pet might be showing.

Her life goal is to help increase the lifespan of dogs in our society as well as their quality of life. Her passion is to help you and your pet have a happier, calmer and more enjoyable life together!

Please contact Calm Companions for an initial phone consultation to discuss any behaviour concerns your pet is showing

Clinic is located:

2 Ford Rd (corner of Ford Rd and Beattie Rd, entrance is opposite Global Footware) Coomera 4209

Details :

Phone: 1800 DR NELA (1800 376 352)
Email: info@calmcompanions.com.au