In Home Puppy Set Up Sessions

Help your Puppy Get the Best Start in Life!

Whether you have planned for puppy parenthood, or it is love at first sight; being well prepared for your new arrival is the best gift you can give them! Good preparation can make the difference between a well-managed, confident and calm member of your family and a stressful string of escalating behaviour issues.

Maybe you have the cute collar, the fancy bed, beautiful bowls and fun toys but…

Have you thought about:

Crate or Pen training;

a fundamental part of managing your puppy and keeping them safe and calm

Toilet training;

That thing we need to do but don’t often think about.

Managing your puppy when you’re not at home;

Independence training now is crucial to preventing your puppy from becoming stressed and learning unwanted behaviours when left home alone.

How you will deal with challenging behaviours when they happen

All puppies no matter how good they are, will show some challenging behaviours as they try to figure out how to live in this crazy human world.

How you will respond to your puppy’s requests

The way you respond to your dog’s needs and behaviours will impact on how they develop as they grow.

What “rules” you will need to be set for your puppy from the start.

Consistency and predictability is imperative for puppies to feel safe, calm and develop trust.

How the whole family will keep on the same page and be consistent with the “rules”

Again consistency is vital to developing the good behaviours you want to see and avoiding building behaviour patterns you don’t want.

How you will introduce this puppy to the world in a way that is calm, positive and leaves them feeling confident:

Proper socialisation is absolutely critical and needs to be done carefully as it builds the foundations as to how they will feel and act outside the home for the rest of their lives.

Whether you just brought your new pup home or are a proactive soon to be puppy parent, or maybe you’re just looking into getting a puppy but aren’t sure if you’re ready or want to hear all the latest information before you dive in, either way our Puppy Set Up session is the best way to help your puppy become that wonderful happy and calm companion you always wanted!

Our Qualified Behavioural Trainers will support you to help you make the important choices, based on solid, scientific information, gentle, humane techniques and a wealth of knowledge and experience during a private, in-home session!

Contact Calm Companions to find out how we can help you prepare your new puppy to become a valuable member of the family.

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