Our Puppy Shop

You will have the opportunity to purchase any of these at our classes:

1) Adaptil Products Registered in Australia
An appropriately fitted Adaptil collar changed monthly for a minimum of  2 months is the best gift you could get your puppy. Pheromone products are the easiest and most efficient way you can provide your puppy with the feeling of calm and security from the day they arrive to your home.Remember that they have been taken from the environment they were born into and are familiar with, separated from their litter mates and parents. Therefore it is important you do everything you help your puppy make the transition into your home be as stress free as possible.​Please note that non-registered Adaptil products can be purchased online, but this is illegal and the companies supplying these non-Australian registered products for Australian market via the internet are being reported to the authorities. ​For more information please see this summary document put together after research here.​

2) Paw by Blackmores Fish Oil 500 Veterinary Strength
With 50% of the brain made up of Omega 3’s, it is no wonder that the latest research in puppy brain development has shown that supplementing their diet with the right dose of Omega 3’s can improve their brain function and trainability.Recently the first researched Vet Only Omega 3 supplement launched by “Paw by Blackmores” brand has become available and is stocked by Calm Companions.The Fish Oil 500 Veterinary Strength has solid research behind it showing the wide spread benefits for our dog’s brains, hearts, gut, joints and much more!
Remember that Omega 3 is not stable after cooking, therefore it will rarely be available at adequate doses in your puppy’s food. Giving human fish oil tablets is fraught with inaccuracy in dosing. With the registered veterinary Fish Oil 500, as vets, we can guide you to the right dose for your growing puppy!

3) Performance Pet Foods treats and chews
These are Australian Made from materials sourced from Australian Farmers only. The company is owned by Luke who is a pet lover and a believer of morally-sound product manufacture at highest standards!
Luke and his dedicated team have their factory in Southport, Gold Coast! Locally made and locally sourced products!
Currently, PPF products can only be purchased from myself or at the Sunday Markets on the Gold Coast.

Having a suitable range of these for your puppy is crucial to helping them learn to self-calm.

4) Black Dog Gear.
They make high quality training gear, all developed on science based training techniques. See their website here. Appropriate equipment is absolutely vital to ensuring your puppy is not frustrated or feeling pain with any form of equipment used during their learning process. 

5) Kong and Busy Buddy Enrichment toys.
Having a range of these at home to rotate between is vital for providing your puppy with novelty and will help teach them to value their daily food allowance.