The Story of Wally

Wally, the Lhaso Apso Cross pup lives with Sonia and her 14-year-old daughter Sienna. When attending Puppy School, Sonia learned how to teach Wally to sit, lay down and stay, but also techniques for calming him and managing his challenging behaviours. Wally had some issues with barking and could be aggressive at times.

Wally has made great progress. Sonia now has techniques to distract him from barking and he now sits instead of running out onto busy roads.

Sonia who has worked as a vet nurse and jockey said “These classes are not just for beginners. I learned lots of different techniques and the classes refreshed my knowledge of animal behaviour and signs to look for. I really appreciated the social sessions on Sundays, the homework and follow up with phone calls, emails and video links during the week”

Dr Nela had the time and patience to teach not just me but also Sienna techniques to manage Wally. The small class sizes meant every dog and owner got the best support possible. Dr Nela managed the small pups but also did a great job with a bigger dog. She makes sure you get all the time your dog needs. Dr Nela is so passionate about animals. I have never seen a vet so passionate and caring. She is a beautiful, kind soul.”

The Story of Archie and Gary


Archie the French Bullgdog puppy came to live with Chantelle who enrolled him in a puppy class. Two weeks later Archie’s brother Gary joined the family. Chantelle was told that it was challenging having two pups form the same litter and that it would be better to train the two pups separately. It was suggested by Archie’s trainer that she take Gary to Dr Nela’s Puppy School.

Chantelle soon became concerned that Gary had separation anxiety and Dr Nela suggested Chantelle video the pups to see how Gary behaved when separated from Archie. Chantelle was surprised to find that when separated, Gary was able to settle but that Archie, used to having Gary around, could not settle on his own.

Dr Nela was not directly working with Archie but provided support to Chantelle to help her learn to manage his anxiety and help him to settle himself. Dr Nela helped Chantelle learn to communicate with her pups in a way they could understand and what to do when they did something she did not want them to do. She learned how to teach the pups good behaviours and how to help each pup to cope when she was not around.

Both pups are now five months old. They are active, love socialising and are well behaved – most of the time. Archie is more outgoing and loves to dig, jump and chew. Gary is more placid, loves company but is also happy to do his own thing. Chantelle spends some time with each pup by themselves and now feels she understands what they need, and what they can and can’t do.

​Chantelle said “Dr Nela went above and beyond with support and advice. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer. She was very approachable and easy to talk to. I did not feel judged and I never felt like I wasn’t doing a good job. She always gave me positive feedback. She does a great job to make sure people have the best behaved puppy they can get”.

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