Play Smart For Pups

All the staff at Calm Companions are experienced professionals and specialise in Behavioural Training.

“Prevention is Better than Cure – Desiderius Erasmus

We all want a well balanced, resilient K9 friend who can be ‘play nice’ with other dogs. To help you achieve this, we have introduced a carefully laid out environment to safely teach your pups how to read the body language of other pups from a variety of breeds. Social skills can be learned if carefully managed early in your pup’s life experiences. 
These casual classes include a maximum of 4 pups per session and may or may not include actual ‘play’ because “socialisation” actually means “teaching your dog to be calm and comfortable in the presence of other dogs”. Play behaviours are natural to dogs who feel comfortable, they do not need to be taught as such. What we need to teach is self-control and ability to connect and focus with you as their K9 guardian. Our first goal is to ensure your pups are kept in a positive emotional state so they can learn to enjoy the visual, scent and sounds of other dogs. Then, play will come naturally. 
Play Smart for Pups social classes are strictly Pre-Booking Only as we need to prepare for the group of pups we will have. 
A pre-requisite is attendance to one of our Orientation Lessons (without dogs) [link to Orientation section] or any of our puppy programs. 

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