At Calm Companions, we believe that learning to rest in the presence of other dogs is just as important as learning appropriate, supervised play with other dogs.

Therefore, we take a maximum of 4 dogs per day and provide individual pen areas with ample enrichment. Once the dogs become comfortable and are assessed to be suitable for dog-to-dog interactions, these will be allowed with 2 dogs at a time to reduce the feeling of either dog being overwhelmed – as often happens in the “free for all” type day-care settings. Our goal is to ensure we do not mentally harm your dogs by allowing multi-dog play between dogs who have not had the appropriate and gradual introduction to each other. The risks multi-dog interactions on a daily basis is a cumulative one, which may not become apparent to the untrained eye until a dog hides, growls or snaps at another. We know dogs communicate with pheromones as well as very subtle body language including intricate facial expressions. Therefore, at Calm Companions we are both qualified and motivated to keep your dog feeling happy, content and safe while they are in our care.

The cost of day-care stay is $55 per day. We ask you to bring your dog’s daily meals, treats and chews they love. We also stock a large range of enrichment and chew options for purchase to help keep your dog calm and happy through mental stimulation and chewing fun.