At Home Euthanasia

You’ve spent many years together with your beloved pet. When the time comes to part, a home based service lets you say goodbye the way your old friend deserves; calmly and quietly in familiar surroundings.

A home based euthanasia allows:

  • A comfortable, familiar place for your pet, you and your family
  • A professional veterinarian who is gentle, caring and experienced working in owner’s homes
  • Soft lighting, peace and quiet
  • The privacy and time to say goodbye in your own way
  • A choice of cremation options through our trusted local business Pet Angels if required.

When you know the time to say goodbye is near, contact us to arrange a compassionate, personal service for you and your pet.  ​

The Story of “Six”

Six the cavalier was just nine months old when Jenny brought him home from a rescue kennel. She decided to keep the name he had been given at the shelter; it was unusual, he was used to it and it opened up conversations about him being a rescue dog.

Six was friendly, affectionate and quickly became a part of the family. He loved walks and cuddles. He quickly became very close to Jenny’s daughter Kaitlyn, then just six years old, and she would push him around the garden in a wheelbarrow. He loved kisses, playing and sleeping on Jenny’s bed.


As Six approached his thirteenth birthday, he became unwell. After around six weeks Jenny realised he was getting worse. She took him to an emergency night clinic but found this very distressing and brought him home again. The next morning Six was clearly worse and Jenny could not get him up. Upset and unsure what to do, she phoned Nela, who had seen Six many times before.


Jenny said “I didn’t know Nela did this sort of thing. I just called because I didn’t know what to do. Nela was amazing. She came over straight away. She put Six at ease and kept him comfortable and relaxed. I had never had to do this before but she explained everything very carefully so I would know what to expect.”


Six was euthanised in his favourite spot on Jenny’s bed. Jenny said “He was very special. The most important thing was that he was at peace in his home environment and didn’t have to have go through more pain or suffering. Nela was so caring; she was wonderful”.

The Story of “Boss”

Boss, an elderly Staffy, had lived for many years with Lee’s sister, Karen. She had inherited him from a former housemate who had bought him as a pup. When Karen decided to move to a flat she couldn’t keep Boss and faced the difficult decision to have him euthanised. Lee couldn’t bear to see that happen, as Boss was such a lovely old dog, so she offered him a home.

When Lee adopted Boss, she took him for a health check and sadly found that he had major health problems. He was placed on medication but continued to deteriorate. In the few weeks he was with Lee she became very attached to him.


Concerned about new symptoms that were developing, she took him to see Dr Nela, who gently broke the news that the end was near. Boss was in a lot of pain. Lee’s friend had recently lost a dog and suggested Lee consider having Boss euthanised at home. Boss had never liked going to the clinic and she knew that he would be more comfortable at home. Lee had hoped Karen could make it to say goodbye but Boss was in pain, and in the end there wasn’t time. Nela came to Lee’s home and Boss was gently euthanised.


Lee said “Nela was amazing. She told us all about what would happen. He passed away happily and calmly and now he has no more pain. We couldn’t stop crying and Dr Nela was so empathetic; she was there for us as well as for Boss, a shoulder to cry on”.

Clinic is located:

2 Ford Rd (corner of Ford Rd and Beattie Rd, entrance is opposite Global Footware) Coomera 4209

Details :

Phone: 1800 DR NELA (1800 376 352)