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Whether it’s a BBQ, a party, Xmas, or just a weekend with the family, the kids are over!
They all want to see the dog and give them “cuddles”. But how does the dog feel about it?! 
Please learn to read the subtle signs of stress dog’s are showing us.
Respect your dog (or cat, or horse, or bird or any other domestic animal in our care).
Help your dog feel safe and comfortable.
It will reduce your dog having to develop other coping strategies which can include anything from excessive jumping, barking, pacing, digging, barking to growling, snapping or biting. 
These behaviours are your dog’s coping strategies. Please do not punish them for showing us they are uncomfortable.
Learn to respect them, they rely on us to feel safe!

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Trainers in Gold Coast and Brisbane

  • Lia Costa from Canine Journeys is the most experienced Behavioural Trainer on the Gold Coast! Her personality is open and welcoming. She will help you through all of the management and behavioural training your dog needs to learn to be calmer and more responsive to you. 
  • Stephanie McCorkell from Apex Dog Training is not only a qualified Delta Behavioural trainer, but is also a Vet Tech (highly qualified veterinary nurse). With her bubbly and positive personality, Steph will be able to work with your family and your dog to get the best outcome for everyone. 
  • Claire Boyle from Claire’s Pet Solutions is a qualified Delta trainer whose passion lies in helping puppies be set up for success. She runs puppy classes and also provides in-house puppy set ups.
  • Paula Edrich from Canine Commands GC is a dedicated dog trainer who will ensure that first and foremost your pet’s basic needs are met. She will assist you with any training and some behaviour problems. 
  • Trish from All Pets Education and Training is the “clicker training queen”! She has successfully worked with all animals from cats, dogs, cows, birds, horses and more! Being a qualified Delta instructor, she’s able to help your pets through behaviour challenges as well as assist you with teaching your pet any trick you wish to teach them! 
  • Ziggy Phillips from “Ziggy’s TLC Dog Training” in Brisbane. She has always stood firmly by our four-legged pets, ensuring their K9 Parents always know that they are responsible for setting their puppy up to succeed and helping their dog cope in stressful situations. 


Pet Insurance Options

Be aware that “home and contents” insurances that have Pet Insurance added often have a limit of approximately $500/year. So be sure to read the small print in your insurance policy carefully to know what you’re covered for, what you’re not covered for and what your excess is. 

Clinic is located:

2 Ford Rd (corner of Ford Rd and Beattie Rd, entrance is opposite Global Footware) Coomera 4209

Details :

Phone: 1800 DR NELA (1800 376 352)