Separation Distress Training Private Day Care

Videoing your puppy home alone is crucial. If you notice separation anxiety signs (including constant whining, barking, attempting to escape, not able to eat meals or treats, etc) and your puppy has to be left at home alone due to your work commitments, we can help by providing private day-care to actively train your puppy to learn to cope being alone.

Please note that for best results, your puppy should be with us for 2-4 weeks, 5 days a week during working hours and you will need to have a Behavioural Trainer Private consultation [link to BT private session] prior to being eligible for this service. If at any time Dr Nela and her team assess that your puppy is seriously struggling with the positive independence training, a full Vet Behaviour Consultation  will be recommended in order to discuss the anxiety signs in much more detail.